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Anchoring Tips from Captain Chris:
How To Anchor with Confidence

If you haven’t anchored before or if you dream of anchoring overnight then this might get you thinking about what you need to know.

  • Perfect Anchor – There is no such thing as the perfect anchor but some have more success than others. Many opinions can confuse the issue but a conscientious cruiser will have a fundamental understanding of how their particular style anchor is supposed to set. And then we recommend that you prove your anchor a few times before trusting it overnight.
  • Size Matters – Your anchor should be appropriate for the size of your boat and the places that you plan to anchor. Most anchors are meant for specific water bottoms so pay close attention to the information written on your chart: grass, sand, mud, rock…and even ooze!
  • Scope and Rode – Deciding how much anchor rode will require that you know the water depth. And then you must consider the tide. Additionally, you must be aware of the weather forecast. Don’t forget to allow for enough swing room when you select the location to lower your anchor. All chain rode requires another piece of equipment called a snubber.

If right about now you are saying Hmmm what do these words mean then stay tuned.

In this FREE four-part series you will:

  1. Discover some of the tricks for confidently Anchoring Overnight.
  2. Learn which anchor is best when you receive Anchor Designs and Their Purpose.
  3. Weigh Anchor and we show you how.
  4. Put it all together because Anchoring is Easy with Captain Chris.

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